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About Us

Maple Buzz and Maple Sweet Dairy have been working together to keep it sweet in Wisconsin and beyond. Maple Sweet Dairy focuses on producing quality maple syrup, while Maple Buzz focuses on maple and honey specialty products, along with raw honey.


Maple Sweet Dairy

Maple Sweet Dairy is rooted in over 60 years of maple syrup production. Other than producing maple syrup Don and Evelyn ran a 160-acre family farm. The name Maple Sweet Dairy came from the maple syrup and sweet corn that they produced on their dairy farm. In 1964, Don and Evelyn Van Deurzen began by tapping only 50 trees and cooking in a small flat pan in the woods. As their family grew so did their business since more kids meant more taps, they moved into a small sugar house on their family farm. Then in 2006, they built a new sugarhouse at its current location. In 2017, a state-licensed kitchen was added to the sugar house.

Don and Evelyn have been proud members of the Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Association (WMSPA) since 1967. They believed
continues education in maple syrup was important. In 2010, they were named Producers of the Year and in 2017 were named
Honorary Life Members. In 2020, Don and Evelyn passed their legacy on to their daughter, Theresa and son in law, Jon, who currently run the operation with family and friends. Little did Jon know in 1996, coming out to the woods to tap a tree with his girlfriend, Theresa, and her dad, Don, would lead to life of love and a great family tradition even bringing his own family in to experience that love.

Today, they run over 1,200 taps which includes pails, tubing and 500 taps running on a solar-powered vacuum system with a wood fired evaporator. They also cook sap for family members and friends. Every year the family, and friends, come together to help make this
sweet treat. They also enjoy educating the public in maple syrup production through field trips, tours , and educational presentations.

Don and Ev Van Deurzen

Maple Buzz

In 2017, Maple Buzz was founded when a few friends had the idea of combining maple syrup and honey. This resulted in Maple Buzz partnering with Maple Sweet Dairy to use their quality maple syrup to make specialty products. Maple Buzz is Maple Sweet Dairy's sister company, that has been making the finest pure maple syrup in De Pere, WI since 1964. Maple sweet dairy is a 4th generating family-operated business. They tap about 1,500 taps from about 600 trees. Today, Maple Buzz produces a wide variety of maple and honey specialty products, including bourbon maple syrup , maple cream, maple cotton candy, and coffee. In just a few years, Maple Buzz expanded from 4 products to 20 and increased from 1 beehive to 8. The honey comes straight from the hive and is then filtered to preserve the nutrients and other beneficial aspects of raw honey, such as pollen. Maple Buzz continues to expand by partaking in farmers' markets and selling to local store. This mother-daughter duo works together to promote honey and maple syrup. They are keeping it sweet in Wisconsin! 

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