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About Us

The story of Maple Buzz begins and ends with friendship.  McKenzie (Hermans) Cleek and Theresa (Van Deurzen) Baroun have been life long friends, having gone to elementary and high school together.  As life continued, they married Rob and Jon, where they spent their time whipping those boys into men.  Now that the job is done, they need a new focus. 

The Cleek family began beekeeping in 2015 after successfully petitioning the city of De Pere for allowing honeybees within city limits.  The Baroun family have been managing the Van Deurzen family maple syrup business on the Maple Sweet Dairy sugarbush throughout their marriage.  At some point, McKenzie and Theresa questioned...."what if we joined forces to make honey and maple specialty products?"

Maple Buzz was formed. 

Today, we partner with Maple Sweet Dairy for maple syrup to produce high quality natural products that ensure we're 'Keeping it Sweet in Wisconsin'.

100% Pure and Natural

Between maple syrup and honey, Maple Buzz sells the sweetest tasting items that nature has to offer.  Our commitment of pure and natural products ensure you never need to worry about artificial additives. 

The Goods


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De Pere, WI